StemPlate™ Procedure

HumanFX’s StemPlate™ procedure combines cutting-edge regenerative processes with PRP to enhance healing and pain relief of injured areas of the body, without chemicals, drugs or genetic enhancements of any kind.

While procedures like StemPlate™ have attracted top professional athletes and others to Europe where these procedures are more widely available, only recently have such surgery alternatives been offered on an experimental basis in the United States. HumanFX was founded by a dedicated team of physicians and experienced biologists who have been at the forefront of regenerative medicine research since the infancy of the field itself. StemPlate™ is revolutionary not only because of the science behind it, but because it utilizes the most advanced and powerful regenerative healing source on the planet — your own stem cells.

Autologous (the body’s own) stem cells are increasingly being used in the treatment of degenerative and chronic diseases. HumanFX’s StemPlate™ procedure combines the power of stem cells found in your own fat tissue with PRP to enhance your body’s natural healing power. By combining both procedures through StemPlate™, HumanFX believes that you have the potential to achieve the maximum assisted regenerative effect.

What is the procedure?

HumanFX’s StemPlate™ Procedure has three basic steps, which all take place in a single day at HumanFX’s medical facility.

Step One: Fat tissue is extracted from your body by a licensed plastic surgeon through a process commonly known as liposuction, and a small sample of blood is also extracted from your body.

Step Two: HumanFX’s on-site laboratory gets to work. The lab processes the fat tissue in a process called Stromal Vascular Fraction to separate the fat cells from the stem cells. The lab then places the blood sample in a centrifuge that spins the blood at high speeds separating the platelets from the other components in order to obtain the PRP. The lab then prepares both the stem cells and the PRP for injection.

Step Three: HumanFX’s physician then injects the stem cells as well as the PRP into the pain-affected or injured area of your body.

HumanFx is offering the StemPlate™ procedure to its patients as part of a clinical trial approved by the Institutional Review Board (IRB) of the Institute of Cellular Regenerative Medicine for a clinical trial on the Safety and Efficacy of Human Living Cells (StemPlate™) for the Treatment of Osteoarthris. If interested in participating in the clinical trial, please click on the link below.

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